Of all of the minor annoyances that occur in the workshop, the need for an easily-adjustable bright light while working with both hands certainly ranks high up there – especially when looking for ‘that missing screw’ ends up taking just as much time as a project assembly itself.

Of course, the best solutions for these minor annoyances don’t always come in the store bought variety – and multi-directional lighted workshop glasses are no exception.

Created by master design modeler Jude Pullen, the ‘Detachable 360-Degree Mag-Lights for Workshop Glasses‘ project is not only one of the most cost effective and usable DIY solutions for the workshop that we’ve seen, but it’s also one of the best ways of putting to use that spare Sugru that you likely have lying around somewhere.


While there are similar workshop glasses for sale that feature lights on either temple, Jude’s quick and easy design employs the use of Sugru and small magnets to create completely removable and rotating lights that can be focused anywhere within a full 360-degree rotation. Additionally, the attached magnets make them easy to detach from the glasses themselves and attach to another object that is currently in-use – such as a metal toolbox or under the surface of a shelf.

YouTube video

According to Jude, one of the advantages of having the rotating lights include not needing to ‘lock’ your head at one angle when working. Additionally, the option to rotate the lights away from a person while having a conversation makes them much more ideal than headlamps.


“I actually got this idea as a ‘spin-off’, when a friend asked me if I could solve his problem of ‘late night BBQ-ing in the dark’, as he wanted to see if the meat was cooked, without fumbling around for a light,” said Jude. “So not only can you do all the above, but you can even stick these Mag-Lights onto many metal BBQ tools as well, to make probably the most high-tech (and washable) BBQ Tools around!”


Be sure to check out the build in-full by heading over to the project’s Instructables page.