After years in development, those who have always wanted a solid, native version of Mcneel’s lightweight Rhino modeling environment on their Mac are finally in luck.

Released on Monday, the new Rhino 5 for Mac marks the first time that the company has brought their NURBS-based modeling tool to the Mac, ever.

While the young release will feature many of the same modeling tools that will be familiar to those who have used the program on Windows, it’s still not without its setbacks. Among others, the Mac version will lack support for plug-ins including the popular Grasshopper, a critical feature for many that has made Rhino such a powerful platform for many design studios.

“Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac OS are different applications, written in different programming languages using different developer platforms,” says the Grasshopper Download page. “We do not want to write Grasshopper twice, so the plan has always been to wait until both RhinoWindows and RhinoMac provide a common SDK.”


Aside from the lack of plug-in support, Rhino 5 for Mac is still a highly capable and full-featured modeling environment that comes at a competitive price for both beginners and experienced modelers alike. Among others who have found success with the software, many of the world’s top design studios and corporations – including Apple – use the tool to easily flesh out sketches in 3D before moving into more robust modeling software.

Through September 15th, 2015, McNeel has shaved off almost half of the price of the program and will be selling it for just $295. For those who either want to test the app on their system or are completely new users, the company is also offering a 90 day evaluation license.

Find out more by heading over to McNeel.


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