Earlier we published a story on the massive CoLiDo Mega 3D printer, but some believed the print was faked.It does look a bit surreal in the image, however. For those accustomed to printing smaller items on smaller 3D printers, the sight of a giant print may seem, well, impossible.

Armchair analysts speculated that the image was a fake, Photoshopped with a smaller “Groot” print blown up to large scale. Observations of the background may have suggested such editing could have been done. It was also thought that the weight of the print would have been far more than the model could have carried without visible effort.

I reached out to CoLiDo to find out more about this particular print and was provided with some evidence that the print actually took place. Here’s the video:

My contact also provided this image of a print just completed, also demonstrating the huge build volume of the Mega.


But what of the Groot print itself?

See the analysis and rest of the story at Fabbaloo


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