Why would you need a procedurally generated 3d printed tree? Why wouldn’t you?! Really, think about the possibilities here. You could print a bunch of small ones and glue them to yourself. You could shave a cat and glue them to the cat. You could glue one to your spouses forehead and wake them up screaming. Of course, minus the glue, there are other applications.

I’ll leave that to you though, as will Steve Weber who has provided all those possibilities. There’s more to this than what it seems though. Not only is this a plain old file to 3D print. Steve has provided the instruction and knowledge for you to create your own procedurally generated trees. Using OpenSCAD, a free (and easy to use) programming software to create 3D models, he shows you how to 1) learn to program some 3D models, 2) learn some recursive algorithm creation and 3) learn to customize it to your liking. “OHHHH! THE LEARNING. IT HURTS!!!” Don’t worry, you have my pretend sympathies.

Now you want to make procedurally generated 3D trees don’t you? DON’T YOU? Well, you can. You can download the files and see the step by step on Instructables (or hit Thingiverse for the complete stl and scad files).

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!




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