Although the buzz surrounding aluminum in the past week has been more or less dedicated to Apple’s decision to use their heavier (and more dense) 7000-series grade versus their previous (and lighter) 6000-series grade in their new iPhone 6S models to prevent another Bendgate, one curious craftsman had an aluminum experiment of his own brewing in his own backyard.

YouTuber TheBackyardScientist – whose videos consist of everything from casting weapons to “creating burning things” – is known for scratching curiosities that most people didn’t even know they had.

“Most everything I do would be considered dangerous in some some way, but I have been doing this stuff my whole life,” he explains. “I have experienced burns, cuts, temporary hearing loss, shocks etc etc.. But with each mishap I have learned something the most important way, by experience.”

For his most recent video, TheBackyardScientist took to one of his favorite mediums – molten aluminum – to see what kind of form would come from the center cavity of melons:

“Pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon turned out to be really popular, So I poured aluminum in two more melons, honeydew and cantaloupe. It turned out really cool, giving a perfect cast of the inside of a melon. It looked just like a hand grenade!”

By “popular”, TheBackyardScientist is referring to nearly 20 million (!!) views:

…kids, don’t try this at home.


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