Although it’s never been easier for craftsman-entrepreneurs to establish their own companies thanks to everything from streamlined payment systems to website building services, finding international success selling firewood for $1000 per bundle surely isn’t a very common success story.

Yet for Canadian entrepreneur Jesse Horn, the opportunity to establish his own niche within the North American firewood industry presented itself in the form of Smoke & Flame – North America’s only premium, handcrafted firewood manufacturer.

“Nowadays when people think of firewood they think of it being ‘hog-tied’ in plastic and sold for $5.99 at gas stations,” explains Horn.

“To me this is wrong and it completely disrespects the wood.”

YouTube video

In his Vancouver, BC shop, Horn and an apprentice assemble bundles of kindling, twigs, moss, and logs which they then turn around and sell for up to $1000 apiece.


“My customers want to know that they’re burning quality and they are happy to pay a little bit more to achieve that.”


Well done CBC Canada, well done.


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