If you have your own workshop, have you ever wondered what you could do with used saw blades? Though dull and unusable as cutting implements, they certainly still have some life in them apart from living the rest of eternity in a recycling heap. Surely there must be something you can use these circular pieces of metal for. You know, besides hanging them on the wall. Hmmm.

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In one of his older videos, YouTuber Grant Thompson (RIP The King of Random) cut apart one of his rusty old saw blades and turned it into not one, not two, but FIVE different-sized Batarangs. And though Batman doesn’t kill, these projectiles can definitely stick it to the bad guys in a way that will require several trips to the hospital.

1. Print and Cut The Batarang

saw blade batarang

After printing a Batarang template and gluing it to the old saw blade, Grant takes a 30 teeth per inch (TPI) jigsaw blade to cut the straight lines of the Batarang.

He cuts slowly, making sure the jigsaw blade doesn’t overheat and dull as a result. Cutting the straight lines and bottom curves makes working with the more intricate details easier, which he does next.

2. Use Half-Round Metal Files To Carve The Detail

saw blade batarang

With the rough outline of the Batarang cut, Grant files down the Batarang. Using a small half-round metal file for the top area near the ear tips and a larger file for the bottom of the wings, he makes the Batarang sharper and more symmetrical. To finish the sharpening process, he files the edges at an angle to make the overall shape look cooler and resemble the Batarangs you see in Batman movies.

3. “Does It Come In Black?”

saw blade batarang

Lastly, he embeds the Batarang in a piece of cardboard and spray paints it black (as all Batarangs should be painted). Once the paint has dried, he takes the Batarang out of the cardboard and uses a sanding sponge to re-expose the metal on the wingtips, making it blend with the rest of the black Batarang.

4. Batarang Perfection

saw blade batarang

The first Batarang may be finished, but Grant ups the ante by creating four more Batarangs from the one sawblade, each with their own unique shapes and features. You may notice the designs take inspiration from different forms of Batman media, from the comics to the movies. Just look at those things.

saw blade batarang

Despite their appearances, these Batarangs have one thing in common: that being they are all deadly throwing projectiles. Grant gives a detailed explanation of how to successfully implant these babies into a dartboard, as well as a warning to never throw them anywhere near a person.

Though Grant is no longer with us, The King of Random YouTube channel is full of classic videos where Grant and his team conduct experiments and test out theories with a lot of new content of fun, random things you can do too.


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