For as long as the human race has had access to 3D printers, they’ve dreamt of creating a 3D printed skateboard… Well, maybe not the entire human race, but a few imaginative persons have dreamt of printing custom decks and one of them has made it happen. 3DPRINTUK posted the result of the CGTrader 3D printing contest on their site and the print for the winning entry. Sam Abbott won the contest for best portfolio, sending his skull-bottom skateboard design to 3DPRINTUK to take from dream to reality.

As you can imagine, the process to print a skateboard would be similar to that of a 3D printed snowboard. Fortunately, the skateboard doesn’t require metal straps down the length of the board to help reinforce it, but like the the snowboard, the skateboard was first printed in sections.From 3DPrintUK:

It wasn’t quite as strait forward as just a print as the board is longer than our build tray, meaning that we had to cut it into 3 sections, joining it together with some connector pins to ensure accuracy and to give it some strength over a simple butt joint. The final result… the world’s first 3d printed twin tip skateboard.

The world’s first 3D printed twin tip skateboard is a beautiful thing but, indeed, it was not straight forward at all. As you can see from the video and the process shots below, printing each section of the board is just the first step of the manufacturing fun. After that, comes the dusting, cleaning and drilling, then lining up the connections for the three sections. The epoxy and grip tape give it some added strength, but this board is more about the art than the abuse it can take. We’re totally fine with that.









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