BMW just announced that their new i3 electric car was heavily inspired by the latest in tablet and smartphone designs. Given that the automotive industry is usually on the forefront of trends that trickle down into other facets of design, does this mean that the frosted overlays, thin typeface (Helvetica Neue), flat graphics, and gradients galore that have become synonymous with iOS 7 will become real in our everyday household objects? Designer Jason Wagoner of The Agency San Diego took an explorative route into re-imagining everyday objects that feature a healthy dose of the new iOS 7 design language. What do you think?

iOS 7 in Everyday objects

“With iOS 7 being released the middle of September, the general design of our mobile life will change forever. All drama aside, I thought it would be interesting to think about how it would look if some other items we use daily got an iOS 7 re-design.”
-Designer Jason Wagoner

Perhaps what’s most interesting about these objects is that some of them are already part of the lineup of available Smart Home products. What if there was a seamless UI design between an object and the iPhone itself?:

Alarm Clock


Window Blinds


Coffee Pot


Light Switch






TV Menu


via The Agency San Diego


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