Gotta catch ’em all! Pokémon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and it still has a huge dedicated fan base. Whether you have been a fan since the original 150 or are new to the Pokémon world, fans all over show their love of the series in various ways, including recreating their favorite pocket monsters out of different crafts. One designer company, Print A World, have created their own Pokémon accessories and planters using 3D printing.

Located in New York, the company allows people to submit their own designs to 3D print for a price. They use different types of printers, but their main machine is the “Ocean Farm System”, a smart control center that remotely manages groups of printers with one engineer. It’s ideal for mass manufacturing. The materials used in their creations include PC, PETG, resin, nylon, and carbon-fiber ABS. They’ve also set up an Etsy page to show off some of their creations and many of them include iterations of Pokémon. Some examples are adorable glow in the dark Bulbasaur figures and planters based on the leafy Pokémon. But Print A World are not the only ones recreating their favorite pocket monsters.

One quick Etsy search shows tons more 3D printed Pokemon to share, like, and buy with other fans. MarbleWorks, another 3D printer designer, created a Charmander Lamp, with red and orange LED lights. These projects may be fun, creative, and pleasing to the eye, but they’ve also caught the attention of Nintendo.

Back in 2014, Claudia Ng posted her design for a Pokemon shaped planter on Shapeways, a site that allows users to create and share their 3D printed projects. The website later received a cease and desist order from Pokémon International for infringement. The design was taken down later that day. Ng told Polygon, “They are asking for all the money associated with this model and shapeways will not be printing or shipping any order for the past few days.” Despite this, creators are still making and selling their Pokemon related crafts.

Any of these projects would be an adorable addition to a Pokémon fan’s collection. Maybe they can finally become the Pokémon trainer they always dreamed of being, with small 3d printed planters and lamps. Though Print A World no longer lists the Pokémon planters, you can find many others on Etsy, including some cool low-poly versions, or contact Print A World to have one made.











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