I warn you. Your life is about to become twice as easy, twice as wonderful and there is but one reason. The Hair Brush Fruit Bowl. What wonder is this? Endless possibility to not only display your fruit in all of it’s succulent glory but also look good doing it. I know, two thoughts… Where has this been all my life? and WHY didn’t I think of this. Here’s the details on the ultimate 3D printed fruit/hair care design.

Hair Brush Fruit Bowl

This dual-purpose, tabletop implement of hair smoothing beauty is brought to you by Dr. Tom Modeen, Assistant Professor at the MFA Department at VCU Quatar, who specializes in Architecture, Design and Digital Fabrication Processes. He used the capabilities provided by a FDM printer to create what has been shown to be quite the comprehensive device.

“After extensive field-tests, documentation of which can be observed below, the intended functions of the artifact have been proven to be adaptable to almost all generally available fruits, vegetables and hair-types (watermelons, large pumpkins & durians, and dread-locks excluded)” – Dr. Tom Modeen

I was told from Dr. Tom that this is “a novel necessity to any (male or female) metrosexual’s dining-room or dressing table.” Now, WHO could pass that up? All the images below and more at smarchitecture blog.


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