How many times have you said, “I need more plastic bits on my desk, and I need them NOW!!” I do, EVERY DAY, followed by spooning large amounts of plastic nibs and milk into my mouth. If you’re looking for something equally delicious to add to the collection of desktop trinkets in your cubicle, look no further. Proto Labs, the company cutting CNC and injected mold lead times like molten polycarbonate, has just the thing for you. The Protogami. (Not to be confused with the Proctogami, which you should NOT leave laying out on your desk.) The Protogami is everything you need to teach, entertain and throw at people as they walk by your cubicle.


Protogami shows the interaction of material and finish and demonstrates useful features like clips, slots and hinges. It is made up of 3D flexagons, creating a kaleidocycle that exposes a different set of faces with each turn. The Protogami shows twisting combinations of six different materials and four finishes in a 3D kaleidocycle that you assemble yourself. Putting it together is a snap (especially when you have the cool instructional poster that comes with it). The difficult part is figuring out how to get your friends and colleagues to leave your Protogami alone and get their own!

If you’d like to pick up your own Protolabs Protogami ‘Design Aid’ just hop on over to this handy registration form and let the pleasure of pressing “Select’ transport you into a world of kaleidocycle beauty. The only catch, it’s for residents of North America only.

Hat tip to ion, the master of plastic bipedal manipulation.


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