Although Dyson’s Bladeless fans look freakin’ cool and feature a Helmholtz cavity designed to capture and dissipate motor noise, the bladeless tech comes in at a hefty $300 – easily sitting in the upper price bracket for desktop fans. While the bladeless fans feature ridiculously cool-looking internal parts just like Dyson’s vacuums, is the bladeless technology really all that complicated?

According to YouTuber Rulof Maker, it’s actually not.

Using just a microwave fan, a water jug, and a planter vase, Rulof reverse engineers Dyson’s Bladeless Fan technology into a simplified DIY version that can be made for next to nothing – if you don’t mind that DIY aesthetic.

While the finished product may not be as efficient as Dyson’s or feature a Helmholtz cavity for reducing noise, it’s nonetheless a killer way to beat the summer heat.

YouTube video


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