If you haven’t heard about it, GeoGuessr is a nifty (and sometimes free) web-based geographic game designed by Swedish IT consultant Anton Wallén. It uses Google Street View or Mapillary images which randomly plop you in a region of your choice. When the game starts, you have to figure out your exact location using your surroundings.

The gameplay always centers on a unique gameplay loop that is easy to understand. With multiple countries, modes, and even pro leagues to play in, GeoGuessr has brought in tons of players since its release in 2013.

What about GTA GeoGuesser?

gta geoguesser
Image Source: Rockstar Games/ GTA GeoGuesser

Much like the original game it’s based on, GTA GeoGuesser takes in-game screenshots of the massively popular Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online video games and uses them to place players in a random location in the fictional state of San Andreas. Once there, the hunt for your location begins!

If you’re someone like me who plays video games more than he travels, this is a perfect way to test your knowledge of the in-game map. Considering GTA 5 and GTA Online have been out for almost a decade now (and the original versions of the games were launched in 2013), lots of players can instantly determine where they are without the use of a minimap.

gta geoguesser
Image Source: Rockstar Games/ GTA GeoGuesser

I’ve played a couple of rounds of GTA GeoGuesser and it was scary knowing how fast and accurately I recognized where I was on the map. And compared to my numerous failed attempts at playing the original GeoGuessr, I already have my telltale sign that I should get out more.

GTA GeoGuesser was made by a man called Louis Klimek and is completely free for everyone to play. It just currently features a difficulty slider, a timer, and the ability to enable or disable your movement; nonetheless, let us hope that the creator would consider more modes and options in the near future.

So, should you want to help support the project, you can do so on Patreon.


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