You’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on it, but have you ever wondered about what goes on inside your car whilst you’re driving it?

Thanks to modern technology, Matt Mikka of Warped Perception helps answer at least ONE question mechanics and drivers have pondered: “Just what happens inside a car tire while it’s in motion?”

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Armed with a GoPro Hero 7, an external battery pack, and a small light, Mikka sets out to install the tire spy-cam inside an old sedan tires.

The biggest issue (and probably the main reason why no one has seen the inside of a moving car tire until the invention of smaller cameras) makes itself apparent as soon as he removes the rubber from the rim. From the outset, it looks as though there isn’t enough space for a camera to fit in between the tire and the wheel.

gopro inside tire

Thankfully, due to the small size of the GoPro and Mikka’s foresight to fit his setup along the deep crevice of the rim, there seems to be just enough room fo the wee camera and the light’s battery pack to squeeze in.

gopro inside tire

After fitting the tire onto the rim and filling it with air (both of which he manages to film with the camera attached to the wheel), he finally hits the road with his GoPro-ready wheel experience.

gopro inside tire

The sounds inside the tire are quite muted since it’s filmed in an enclosed area, but you definitely hear and see the debris flying around.

As Mikka drives his car, you can see indents on the rubber as it makes contact with the road. Because the air pressure inside is at a higher level than normal (40psi to be exact), driving the GoPro under the car won’t crush it.

gopro inside tire

He drives his car back and forth on a smooth road and makes a few turns to see if anything changes inside the tire but for the most part the rubber just follows the flow of the pavement.

The intensity of the indents increases as he speeds up, and while he hoped making a sharp turn would crush the camera, it turns out the GoPro is sturdy enough to get the footage with only a slight misalignment in its capture angle.

gopro inside tire

Satisfied, Mikka removes the tire and deflates it to remove the GoPro, but not without capturing the whole thing on camera. The entire video is definitely worth watching, as static images don’t deliver the full experience of being trapped inside an inflated car tire.

The Warped Perception YouTube channel has loads of videos which look at normal everyday activities through different perspectives (usually with small or high speed cameras).


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