Have you ever wondered how people make sandcastles the size of small fortresses?

Apart from time and the proper mix of sand and water, the biggest help comes from the tools they use. Most of them aren’t using those tiny plastic shovels you find at beach shops, but rather solid, industrial-grade tools you would find at a construction site. Pufferfish is bringing that to everyday beachgoers.

The Pufferfish sand castle tool kit was created out of a passion for making sand castles and having awesome tools to make those sand-sculpting ideas happen. Designed and built by dads, the kit includes a giant shovel, a bucket, and a sturdier reinvention of the classic kid’s scoop.

YouTube video

Really Big Shovel


The biggest tool in the Pufferfish kit needs little introduction. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dig a giant hole with a high-grade aluminum shovel? The shovel’s length can be adjusted so kids can use it, plus it’s light and easy to store once your beach trip is over.

Better Bucket


Once you’ve got your sand, it’s time to mix it with the most necessary ingredient for sand forming survivability: water. This bucket holds up to 16 liters of water at a time so you can dump your sand and mix it inside without worrying about the Better Bucket breaking (try saying that fast ten times). You can also use it for thoroughly drenching your friends and family members too, as is customary at any beach outing.

Super Scoop


A revamped version of the staple sandcastle tool, the Super Scoop is made from upcycled fishing nets and is, to quote the creators, “virtually indestructible”. Heck, if the video above is anything to go by, you can theoretically carry a small child with two of these babies.



Though not part of the Pufferfish toolkit, the Sandbag deserves special mention because of the lengths it goes to prevent sand from entering unwanted places. The bag is made from 420D fabric which is created from recycled plastic. The fabric itself is strong but most importantly, it keeps the sand from your tools away from the bottom of your car or other belongings.

It also has two mesh pockets on the side for water bottles, as well as a zippered pocket for more valuable items.


If you want to build better sandcastles without having to look like you’re renovating the entire beach, the Pufferfish kit is currently live on Kickstarter with options starting at $26 USD. The campaign is fully funded with kits ready to ship and delivery expected August 2020.


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