Drop what you’re doing CNC geeks and enter to win this CNC Periodic Table poster.

Skilled engineers still need help every now and then. The internet is an important tool as any. But why spend time hitting up Google, when you can glance at the CNC Periodic Table on your wall? You don’t have one? Outrageous, egregious, preposterous!

Well, the fine peeps at Fictiv are giving you a chance to win one. Today is the last day to enter Fictiv’s contest for a cool 24 x 36 poster of their CNC Periodic Table of Elements. This unique take on the Chemical Periodic Table of Elements was specially created by Fictiv engineers to represent the foundational elements of their new CNC Machining service.

Launched on the Fictiv platform, the new CNC Machining service allows you to get parts turned around in as little as three days with the promise of a smooth and simple transaction. With this, they wanted to provide a sweet resource to illustrate their prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. The CNC Periodic Table represents three primary categories: Capabilities (materials, finish, machine types), Manufacturing (cutting tools, machine manufacturers, roles), and Examples/Tips (common components, design considerations). The team used the basic design of a standard periodic table to represent the mechanics of CNC Machining. It’s a useful tool and it doesn’t hurt that it’ll look cool on your wall.







You can grab the digital version of the periodic table below, but you only have a few hours left to enter the contest for the printed poster, so get your entry in while you can!

(Right click, Save image as…)


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