It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite UK garage inventor Colin Furze, but we’re glad to see that he’s wrapping up 2015 on a high note.

The 32-year-old plumber and daredevil, whose previous projects have ranged from the World’s Fastest Pram to a hydroformed suit for wearing while being shot at with fireworks, recently built and provided instructions for what is certainly one of his most fun projects to date: the Drift Trike.

“So i’ve been thinking as i get a lot of emails asking about first projects and projects for school/collage exams i’ve settled in my mind that this is that project as it blends a lot of skills but at there very basic levels (sic),” says Furze. “If this is your first project you can rest your mind knowing that there is no gear linkage, cables to extend, wiring looms to alter, chain tensioners, hydraulic brakes, and complex exhausts to deal with as most of it is how it comes out the box.”

YouTube video

YouTube video

For the full Drift Trike build instructions and part list, head over to Furze’s blog.


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