When I was younger, I always wanted to label everything. My younger brother and I would constantly fight over things, and the only way I could stake my claim on something could only be possible if I put my name on it. Doing this was easy enough on books and toys (thanks for the tip, Toy Story), but for objects with more permanence like my Game Boy, I would have my mom use her handheld engraver to put my name on them.

Technology has changed a lot since then, and while people still use pen engravers by hand, most modern engravers these days use automated laser etching.

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The LaserPecker 2 (trying hard not to laugh at the name right now), is an updated version of the company’s flagship laser engraver. Featuring faster engraving speeds, a more powerful laser, and the ability to increase your printing area, this beast of a machine can engrave any surface while still being extremely portable.

Increased Engraving Speed and Resolution Options

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Everyone wants a job well done in the shortest time possible, and that goes double for machines. The LaserPecker 2 not only ups the engraving speed to 600 mm/s, but it’s 5W semiconductor laser also provides three different resolution options. You can choose from the 1,000-pixel resolution for fragile surfaces like wood, leather, or thin glass; the 1,300-pixel resolution for painted surfaces; or the 2,000-pixel for those really durable metal faces.

Rotating Cylinders Allow For Curved Engraving

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You wouldn’t call it a good laser engraver if you had to keep readjusting the material you want to be engraved. Luckily, the LaserPecker 2 has a variety of ways you can set up your stuff for engraving.

You can always do things old school and lay your objects flat on the printing surface for simple engraves. As for objects with curved or uneven surfaces, the two cylinders on the LaserPecker 2’s printing surface will allow the machine to rotate your stuff for hands-free engraving.

An Auxiliary Booster Provides A Larger Printing Space

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Larger surfaces don’t seem to be a problem in this tool. If you cannot move the object with the cylinders, the LaserPecker 2 will move for you! Using the Auxiliary Booster attachment, you can effectively increase the printing area from 100*100 mm to 100*2000 mm – twenty times its normal printing area.

When attached, the LaserPecker 2 cruises along the surface, engraving as it goes. All you have to do is set it and watch as the machine unquestioningly etches your name on your belongings for the hundredth time.

It’s Portable, too!

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On the other side of the printing area spectrum, you can take the LaserPecker 2 around and use it to engrave those 100*100 mm surfaces. Due to its small size and the addition of a portable power bank, you can engrave stuff around the house for a good 200 minutes without having to bring everything to the garage.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

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Thanks to its cross-platform abilities on both mobile apps and desktops, setting up and transferring your files on the LaserPecker 2 is seamless and easy to do. It also supports a wide variety of formats, such as JPEGs, PNGs, and your ever-reliable Adobe Illustrator files. That is why you don’t have to keep switching programs just to get the engraver to recognize your designs.

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There are currently three versions of the upcoming LaserPecker 2: the base version, the Pro, and the Delux. All three have the same features, with the only differences being the dimensions, weight, and engraving size.

The Laser Pecker 2 is currently on Kickstarter and Indiegogo where it has managed to raise HK $45,971,347 and HK $46,552,876, respectively. You can find out more on this portable powerhouse of an engraver on either of the two crowdfunding sites.


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