Owning a pet means a boatload of responsibilities. This is why getting a short break from all those tasks (or at least making them easier to manage) feels like a huge relief. We already saw it with the auto-filling litterbox on Kickstarter. Nonetheless, our pet’s doo-doo isn’t the only thing we need to mind when we’re not at home. They need to drink, too! Well, this is where Drinkie comes into action.

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Drinkie is an automated drinker that streamlines the grueling, arduous tasks of constantly filling and cleaning your pet’s drinking bowl. Instead of refilling a normal bowl multiple times a day, Drinkie will just require you to do it once a week.

How does it do this? Technology and automation.


First, you need to manually fill the 106-ounce (3 liters) detachable storage tank and connect it to the Drinkie. Then, it will use a dispensing mechanism to automatically fill the bowl with just enough water to quench your pet’s thirst.


Next comes the refilling process after your pets have had their fill.

The Drinkie rinses out the dish and replenishes it with new water. It tops it up when only 4/5ths of the water is left in the dish during the day and when 1/5ths of the water is left during the night (since, you know, most pets aren’t nocturnal).

As an added bit of comfort for your animal companion, the Drinkie has sensors that command it just to refill the dish when your pet isn’t nearby. If you happen to have a dog or cat that startles easily, this is a godsend!


As for the old water, the Drinkie flushes it away into an airtight, 1-liter waste water tank. Unsightly stray fur, smelly scraps of food, and any stray particles which happen to find their way into the Drinkie bowl get whisked away until your weekly clean comes around. And when it does, all you need to do is hand wash the tanks and dish with some warm water and they’ll be ready to go again.


Of course, no modern piece of technology would be complete without app integration; and the Drinkie is no exception. With the Drinkie app, you can check your smart bowl’s water levels, set a refilling schedule, clean the bowl, and more! This makes it great if you don’t have someone to look after your pet when you go to work. (You still need to make sure your pet is fed, though!)

The app even checks your Drinkie’s battery levels but there’s no need to worry about it, since its rechargeable batteries can last for a full week. Moreover, you also have the option to plug it into an electrical socket for continuous power supply.

Lastly, the app intrudes on your pets’ private life by sharing their drinking habits with you and anyone else who owns the app. This may seem like nothing, but when you’ve got pets that need to hydrate constantly, you’ll be glad you’ve kept tabs on them.

drinkie specs

Drinkie is made using a mix of SMMA, SAN, PP, and silicone – all of which are pet-safe and recyclable. The materials are scratch-resistant, meaning the machine will be able to bear the nails of your curious pets.

As of now, the Drinkie has a US$260,352 current fund on Kickstarter – a large sum above its modest US$10,000 goal. Well, there’s nothing really surprising about it. I mean, every pet owner needs it…especially if you have 10 cats at home hissing at you whenever they find their water dish empty.


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