Between a colorful variety of open source sex toys and the ability to have 3D scans of a fetus 3D printed for sharing with the whole family in advance of birth, you’d think we’ve seen the full gamut of possible uses for today’s digital scanning and fabrication technologies.

If the Nudee from UK-based Firebox is any indication, we’re far from it.

Says Firefox:

“Does the thought of getting naked make you nauseous? Or are you quite frivolous in flaunting a little flesh? With Nudees you can confidently show off your classy curves, your massive muscles, or your thin thighs without having to undo a button.”

What they forgot to mention in the product description is how these “3D printed nude selfies” could be used as nightmare fuel for your worst enemy:


To create the 3D printed figurines, a team of digital sculptors references a pair of photographs of the head you want added to the bust of the pre-sculpted lower figure (customers can choose from slim, curvy or muscular in both male and female). Within a month, the best desk toy you could ever wish for arrives in all of it’s 8-inch, full-color glory.

Consider yourself warned, but you can find out more about the $210 figures at your own peril here.


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