While it’s not uncommon to take 3D printed parts to a high-level of finished quality, it’s not necessarily something we tend to see too often when it comes to stationary toys and objects that have become synonymous with consumer FDM 3D printers.

At their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, the Locknesters team of toy designers are making designer toys for the future using a mixture of both old and new manufacturing processes – and they likely look better than any other 3D printed toy you’ve seen before.

The result of a fascination with unconventional geometries and toys that encourage interaction, the new lineup of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle desk toys are designed to be used as a quick and easy distraction between thinking tasks or as a standalone assembled object.


The collection, which kicked off with the 11″ ‘Bear’ figurine ($80), but will soon see the addition of a T-rex and others, is manufactured out of nontoxic bioplastic and uses a chemical-free finishing process that includes sanding, tumbling, and buffing. Finally, a unique custom package is created for each model that can be reused as a carrying vessel for the parts:






From concept to branding and surface finish quality to package design, the team has done an incredible job of showing what can be done with a desktop 3D printer and a little bit of ingenuity. Find out more over at Locknesters.


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