While the majority of us may find happiness in 3D prints based off of complicated geometry, there is still a population out there that would love to turn a simple 2D drawing into an extruded shape (cookie cutters anybody?). While the 3D printing market has expanded into 3D print pens and other novelties, the ease of creating a 3D shape with the ease of finger painting has been relatively no-existent…until now.

Cubify Draw Brings 3D Finger Painting to the Masses

“Cookie Cutters, Pendants, Ornaments, Bracelets, and Simple Toys”

While beginner CAD programs such as TinkerCAD and 123D are awesome for introducing somebody to 3D modeling, the Cubify Draw app allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini device to create a 3D Print. Content-wise, users can digitally doodle similar to any other iOS drawing app an original idea or lay an image template down to trace. Once the initial sketch is in place, it can be enhanced by adjusting the fill, color, line weight, scale, and joint connections. For printing, the user can upload their drawing directly to the Cubify server to print or download an STL file for home-based printing. What really stands out about this app however, is how Cubify is enabling an entirely new generation of 3D print-smart kids through gamifying the 3D print experience with their entire collection of apps:

“Cubify Draw takes digital doodling to printable reality…this boundary-breaking app is our latest gamified installment in our commitment to democratize content-to-print entertainment on Cubify.”
-Sarah Stocker, Senior Director of Cubify for 3D Systems







Cubify Draw is available for free on iTunes.


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