For those used to cycling on busy city streets (NYC comes to mind), the need for swift reaction times could be compared to that of catching a fly with your bare hand. With maniac cab drivers and aloof SUV drivers running up and down Broadway, sometimes a simple hand signal doesn’t do the trick…especially at night. Designed by Balázs Filczer, this award-winning helmet design concept is sure to be the bike helmet of the future that aims to make biking in densely-populated areas a little more safe…for both cyclists and everybody else.

The DORA Helmet


Designed with both sleek style and usability in mind, the helmet features a detachable rechargeable battery that powers turn signals, a front headlight, and a brake light all on the rider’s head. Controlled by a Bluetooth handlebar-mounted controller, the rider is able to easily fire off turn signals and braking information. If you saw the recent movie Premium Rush, you’ve no doubt seen a glimpse of how insane riding a bike in NYC can be (even without the ‘Hollywood Factor’):

YouTube video

Of course, skeptics will say that the human head is very sensitive to weight when riding for any given period of time, and this helmet has the potential to weigh quite a bit more than other helmets on the market. Interestingly enough, one of these skeptics commented on Filczer’s YouTube concept video and Filczer was able to answer:

YouTube user JekTorll’s Comment:

JekTorll: that concept will never work and i’ll tell you why: NOBODY. NOOOOBODY wants a helmet that weights over 500g. But thats what you gonna need, if you want to make this think work.
The main-producers try to make helmets as light as possible because you can feel every gramm thats on top of your head.

Designer Filczer’s Response:

Filczer: First discover.. Your thoughts can be spoiled and not the concept.
1.For recreational cyclists, weight is often a secondary concern. Racers and frequent riders, on the other hand, really appreciate the weight savings. DORA was not designed for racers, but it was designed for every day users, who prefer safety.
2. Australia/NZ Maximum of 700 g
Japan: Limit of 800 grams for adult or 650 grams for children.
Other countries and standards says: Acknowledges the desirability of light weight.

YouTube video









With it’s universally-recognizable signals and streamlined design, this is perhaps one of the best helmet designs in recent memory that matches functionality and style for the recreational rider. Filczer won the clothing and accessories category of the International Bicycle Design Competition earlier this year with the design. Let’s hope we see this on the road soon for both the riders and the sometimes not-so-friendly drivers.

To see what else the talented Balázs Filczer has been up to, head over to his site.


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