Times are hard for everyone in this new normal, photographers included. It’s difficult to capture the “essence of life” (or whatever you’d like to call it), when that life is limited to the confines of your own home.

Or is it?

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Photographer Jordi Koalitic shows a number of photography tricks you can use to get the most out of your extended time at home. You might not have the same high-end Sony A7RIII camera he owns, but you can definitely use your imagination to think up some amazing perspectives and shots. And that’s completely free.

Hair Ties Make for Some Amazing Outlines

photography quarantine tricks

For instance, did you know you can slap all sorts of things to the side of your camera lens with an elastic hair tie? Bunch up some flowers on the outlines of your shot to give the impression that you’re taking pictures from inside a garden. Sure you can do this if you have an actual garden, but this trick is specifically for those folks living in apartments or areas without much space.

What’s in the Fridge?

photography quarantine tricks

Want to capture the inside of a fridge without busting open the rear wall? Try taking out the shelves and placing beer bottles to evenly space them apart.

To make the “fridge” look more believable, stack a couple of perishables like fruits and butter to the top shelf. As a final touch, spray the bottles with some water to add some fake condensation around them. No one will ever know you’re taking your photos from atop your kitchen table.

Washing Without a Machine

photography quarantine tricks

Most people know what the inside of a washing machine looks like by the hole-riddled drum inside it. What they don’t know is you can pop off the said drum and use it to make some awesome shots.

By taking the drum off and putting it into a cardboard box, you can stack a bunch of clothes on the bottom and make it look like the camera is inside a washing machine. As icing on the cake, spray some water to make it look like the clothes just got out of a spin.

Library Shots

photography quarantine tricks

Can’t go to the library for a photoshoot? That’s okay, most libraries hate the noise anyway.

Kidding aside, you can set a library scene quite easily in your own home, provided you have the books to do so.

Just like with the fridge trick, you can set your camera between an outline of books stacked atop each other. Then all you need is a subject with a book in their hands. Strap on some LEDs to the book page and you have yourself a well-lit library shot.

Chores with Ambiance

photography quarantine tricks

Who says chores have to look boring? With a good camera and perspective, any shot can be cool.

Just take a look at this shot of a clothes iron. By turning up the stream, you can create this ominous, almost foggy effect around your ironing board. Flattening your pants will never look the same again.

There are other examples Jordi Koalitic shows in the video, but these either use the same tricks in the shots I’ve mentioned before or require a very good camera with high shutter speeds.

The whole video is definitely worth watching, as it will no doubt spark new ideas for shots you never knew you could recreate at home.


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