Few items can be found in a clothes closet that really do last forever–and the items that do last forever regularly end up being some of the most prized possessions in an individual’s closet–whether it’s a pair of boots that get resoled every year or a first business suit straight out of college. Barbour jackets rank up there as something that are still worn decades after their initial purchase. The Made in England brand recently released this ‘Making Of’ video that gives a sneak peak of what goes in to creating their timeless jackets.

The Making of a Barbour Jacket

While Barbour has made a fairly expansive collection of garments ranging from hats to sweatshirts and gloves to button-up shirts, they are most well-known for their waxed jackets in the form of the Bedale, Beaufort and Beadnell styles that have been symbolic of various subcultures since being introduced over 120 years ago. The jackets were especially popular with the actor Steve McQueen, who wore them when racing motorcycles.


With over 3,000 jackets being produced per week (120,000 per year) from raw material to shipped product–as well as a high standard for quality that they’ve been known for over a century–what the South Shields Barbour factory is capable of each week is nothing short of amazing:

YouTube video









(Images via Barbour)


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