The tartan sky bled patterned red and crisp the sound of cannons. We held the bank and then the city, dropped amidst the tents of rags. And past the mossy crags we sped, where silently they slumber, fifty milidroits, machined a poised, protecting all these links.

Isaac Hannaford – He’s got ships down, kicking out killer shuttles, characters and weapon designs. Thick lines and chunky shadows in a selection of his sketch concepts as well.
Sun Alive – The new album from Dallas-based duo Sun Alive. Listen to all the songs that are likely the tightest post-rock awesome you’ve ever heard.
Natural Dye – Easter is coming fast. Do away with the plastic and pricey consumerized colorants and go au naturel. Coffee, Red cabbage and more to add a little pop of woodsy hues.
March of Robots – What would March be without robots, plus a Kickstarter campaign that brings you the best of the awesome robot illustrations of DaCosta?
Space Replay – A floating ball that “explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties” …and so on.
Mesh wire – These are amazing. Seungmo Park uses mesh wire to create sculptures and layered pieces that work brilliantly to show the contour and detail of his scenes and subjects.
Robot heart – Kawehi does it with this superior reinterpretation of Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped Box from here new Kickstarter project.


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