The folks at E3D are most well-known for their very popular hot-ends, which are installed on many desktop 3D printers. Now they’ve taken a step out of bounds to produce a pretty amazing filament.

The material is called “Edge”, a curious name for a filament, but it does reflect the fact that this new substance pushes the 3D printing envelope forward quite a bit.

The project was driven by the inadequacies in currently popular 3D printing materials, ABS and PLA. While ABS was one of the first widely used 3D print materials due to its strength, operators soon discovered extremely challenging properties, not the least of which was warping, which essentially prevent attempts to print very large objects in ABS.

The industry kinda shifted towards PLA, which offered minimal warping (and far nicer aromas when printing), but it wasn’t a great solution either. PLA is quite brittle, making the production of mechanical parts problematic. It also gets soft at relatively low temperatures, reducing its applicability.


The new Edge filament is based on PET, an occasionally used 3D print material. On its own, PET has issues of similar magnitude to ABS and PLA: it’s good in some aspects, but not in others.

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  1. joining in on the Hemp train 🙂
    check out these guys from Italy.
    I bought a batch of their Hemp filament from their kickstarter campaign and it’s great.

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