The muscles tightened before we could even jump. It was high, but shorter than the last fall. It’s the last 20 feet that gets you. Hitting the thrust reversers at just the right moment, so you don’t finish the descent with a splintered femur, or disturb the beast by charring the landing pad, that is the supple skin of these links.

Teodoru Badiu – I’ve long admired Teodoru’s creatures and characters. They are just the best. And quite colorful.

Artstation Discover – We feature a lot of artist here who post their work on Artstation. Now Artstation has a Chrome extension to get the art in your browser.

POW! WOW! Hawaii – The street artist gathering of the year with walls, silos, warehouses and more telling the stories of the artists through their painting.

Catalina Helmets – The custom helmet design of Catalina Island Classic downhill skateboard race. Some by an old friend Tanner Leaser.

Musical Melee – Nicholas Caleb Goss lays down a jazzy drum beat to the action of the Super Smash Bros Final battle royale.

Scotch Trooper – The chronicles continue in photography that combines Star Wars Stormtroopers and delicious varieties of Scotch.

Graphic Dictionary – In an attempt to expand his daughter’s vocabulary, Mick Watson created these minimalist images.

Chameleon – Amazing pens that allow you to blend color and create over 100 different tones with only 20 markers.

White Horses – Darlingside presents the new music video from their ‘Birds Say’ album, animated and directed by Abraham Dieckman.


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