Along with other Quirky hits such as the more recent Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner, the Pivot Power falls in line with one of Quirky’s well-positioned design strategies: make existing and dull products that people use daily ‘smarter’…whether it’s a simple reimagining of an age-old hardware design or by incorporating a connected software ‘smart home’ component.

The Pivot Power is a surge protector that features individual and movable segments for each of its six outlets…effectively allowing the user to wrap an otherwise hard rectangle around the legs of their desk or position each of the individual outlets in a position to their liking.

Like any other product though, the original design has been due for an update to stay current after three successful years on the market.

Quirky’s impressive ensemble of engineering, design and manufacturing teams took the opportunity to document their process of taking an already impressive product and making it better in a short video that was recently released on the Quirky blog:

YouTube video

“The challenge to redesign [Pivot Power] was not something we took lightly,” says David Sutton, Quirky’s director of industrial design.

“We spent a long time in the engineering department really understanding what was great about the old product and what could be improved.”

To date, the Pivot Power has brought creator Jake Zien over a half-million dollars in royalties via Quirky’s unique crowdsourced product design business structure.

You can purchase one of the new Pivot Power models for $29.99 over at Quirky.


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