“Pops a’ribbon,” he says. That’s all the cantankerous old turtle could muster once squeezed from the hole by his tiny titmouse nemesis. They could both dance, but the agile legs of the mouse were too fast. Poor turtle would have to think fast, working in imaginative use of his ukulele and, yes, these links.

Pascal Blanche – New work in his STARDUST space exploration series with loads of ships, crazy space scenes and… just go look.
Aurochs – Do you know what an Auroch is? You will after this insightful piece about de-exctinctioning them.
Tsunami. Flip. – The World’s first ever Tsunami flip on a mountain bike in a competition goes to Szymon Godziek.
Arial – Bernhard Lang’s photography is splendid, but his aerial views are nearly out of this world. For real, they’re taken from way up there.
Manipulator – Ty Segall’s new Drag City Records interactive music video. Go, load, click, click, click.
Boba Fett’s Ship – A new LEGO ship is on the brink of being released. It is none other than the modified prototype Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft, Slave I.
Diggin’ in the Carts – Remember the epic Zelda music? Pac-Man? How about Space Invaders? This is all about the 8-bit music from the beginning.
Hexsnake – and to bring back the music into a current game, Hexsnake. See if you can last beyond 5 seconds.
Pins and needles – Project Jenny, Project Jan. I also suggest their other songs, 320 and Brooklyn.


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