For the past two years, John Kiminas has been pursuing his dream of making fishing lures for a living. Having absorbed as much information as he could over this ‘research and development phase’ as he calls it, he is finally bringing his handmade lures into the world starting with a Kickstarter launch. Thankfully for us, he also shows us just how a lure goes from a solid block of wood to a finished product.

Over the two year period Kiminas spent studying the craft, he focused on learning everything from scratch including advanced wood carving techniques, airbrushing, lure balance, and hardware:

Most people do not realize what is involved in the lure making process, so for those interested, I created this short video of the carving process. In just a few steps, a simple block of wood is transformed into a fishing lure.

YouTube video

Starting with the Popper model seen in the video, Kiminas hopes to raise $2,840 to help purchase additional tools and materials to help speed up production time.

With fishing season coming up, having one of these bad boys in your tackle box could be a bragging right whether you catch something or not.

Head over to his Kickstarter page to pick one up for $35.

(Images via John Kiminas)


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