When it comes to some of the most simple and effective works of two-dimensional art today, it’s hard to not throw LA-based artist Geoff McFetridge‘s name into the circle.

The artist, who approaches two-dimensional pieces as “inventions” similar to a designer or engineer, has worked with everybody from the band OK GO to Nike and Patagonia to even the Los Angeles Country Light Rail System to craft two-dimensional stories that are “very simple and rooted in drawing” at their core.

For his latest project, McFetridge wanted to bring his two-dimensional “Sea Rambler” bicycle concept out of the page and into the real world in collaboration with Patagonia and Gold Coast Cycles MFG. The Dr. Seuss-like whimsical fantasy bicycle design features design elements that are focused on creating a better bicycle transportation option for surfers. Among other details include a telescope for scouting waves, a drying rack for a wetsuit, a picnic basket and an storage solution for a surfboard and paddle. Additionally, the fully-functional bicycle features high-end bicycle components that McFetridge wanted to highlight to represent the beauty of simple machinery. Naturally, not only did McFetridge design the bicycle, but the bike frame was also painted by McFetridge himself.



Although this iteration of The Sea Rambler is fully-functional, it was designed to be a display item at Patagonia’s Cardiff-by-the-Sea store location – a stones throw from the iconic waves of Southern California’s Pacific Ocean coastline.



In this recently-released video, McFetridge gives us a breakdown on his design process behind the Sea Rambler and how he approaches each design project with two forms of creativity:






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