For some, electric motors and off-road vehicles go together about as well as pineapple bits on a pizza. But hey, other people actually like pineapples on their pizza (what are you?) So, an all-electric off-road vehicle design might not be such a bad idea… if it looks good.

Bollinger Motors has done just that, designing the world’s first all-electric off-road vehicle. Dubbed the Bollinger B1, the thing is big, blocky, and apart from the terrain it lovingly shreds with its massive tires, is completely safe to any nature that stays out of its way.

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Designed by a team of engineers and designers from Hobart, New York, the Bollinger B1 can be transformed to fit any need.

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If it’s raining and you don’t want your passengers to look like they were riding in the back of a massive all-electric off-road vehicle, it can be adjusted from a half-cab to a full-cab by attaching a roof to the back. Just like any off-road vehicle, the B1 can also be fitted with roof attachments which can hold a kayak, bicycle, or your extra luggage.

all-electric off-road

But if you have nothing but construction materials to keep you company during a long drive, removing the roof and filling the B1 with construction materials isn’t difficult. The vehicle was made with a variety of unique storage options, and can hold a number 4×8 boards at the back and some extra cargo in the front trunk. There’s even a pass-thru door in between the front seats which can hold 2×4 boards!

Even if its runs on electric power, this baby is a true off-road vehicle. Not only can it store up to 6, 100 pounds, it can also tow the same weight with its dual front and rear motors.

all-electric off-road

On a full charge, the Bollinger B1 can reach speeds of up to 127 mph on a 120-200 mile range. Considering that drivers will spend more time traversing mud pits and hills instead of racing the vehicle on a track, the speed it puts out is pretty fast. It also takes a full 12 hours to fully charge when using a 100kWh charger (or 7 hours with a 60kWh charger).

In a vehicle category that is predominantly composed of gas-guzzling dirt kickers, having an all-electric alternative helps more environmentally-conscious consumers get in on the off-road action.

You can see more of the Bollinger B1’s specs over at the Bollinger website.


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