Apparently not satisfied with riding motorcycles on water, blowing up cement trucks, or escaping a sinking car on their popular television show Mythbusters, engineer-nerd hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have resorted to YouTube to continue their fascination with engineering, physics and the like (and we’re thankful for it).

On their Tested YouTube channel, the duo creates videos about “all the stuff you love — amazing technology, unbelievable maker projects, engineering masterpieces, delicious food, magical special effects, and much more“… when not hiding behind blast shields.

Among other video miniseries on the channel, Savage takes viewers into his famous Cave—an eccentric workshop that more closely resembles Nike CEO Mark Parker’s office than a streamlined prototyping lab—to create ‘One Day Builds’.


More recently, Savage took on the challenge of building a replica of Jane Fonda’s iconic Barbarella rifle in, as the title of the series goes…one day.

The iconic rifle, which resembles more of a stretched piece of used bubble gum than a traditional rifle form, famously appeared only once on the cover a 1968 issue of LIFE magazine. With minimal reference material to work with, Adam documented the build in this nearly one-hour video:

YouTube video

You can check out Savage’s other One Day Builds, including a Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster, over on the Tested YouTube channel.


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