With the amount of daily coffee consumption continuing to grow daily worldwide (last count: 2.25 billion cups of coffee per day), it would seem to make sense to start looking into alternative uses for both discarded material as well as the processed beans themselves.

Among others who are looking into what’s possible with the coffee grounds that end up being thrown away is the team behind Amsterdam’s Kaffeeform.

Having started as a coffee recycling project in 2009 as a BA thesis, the material has since transformed from single-use conceptual cups into more study ceramic-like cups that are fabricated entirely out of coffee. Needless to say, among other notable characteristics of the cup include a subtle smell of coffee while also maintaining washable and durable material properties for repeated use.





While the concept of drinking coffee out of a cup made from coffee is certainly a whimsical and fun idea, the founders are striving to make the sustainable material an alternative to existing petrochemical-based structural plastics.




The material itself and the series of coffee cups made from recycled coffee grounds were recently exhibited for the first time to the public at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival with an initial production run of 250 Kaffeeform cups. For those interested in purchasing a Kaffeeform cup, they’re still considering themselves in a pre-production stage but will consider orders on a case-by-case basis leading up to their official launch. Find out more by heading over to Kaffeeform.


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