With the recent announcement that they will finally be releasing their Rhino for Mac after years in development, Rhino developers McNeel have been showing no signs of slowing down their launch.

The company’s European branch presented a user event in London yesterday that, along with presentations from Marc Newson’s studio design director and a bevy of other 3D industry heavyweights, presented more information about what both Mac and Windows Rhino users can expect with the company’s upcoming releases.

Among other announcements, the company revealed what many had been wondering: will the Mac release of Rhino 5 support Grasshopper and other plugins? Sadly, the answer is no – however, the Mac offering will include nearly every other modeling feature that users have previously used on Windows at a price that is reasonable when compared to today’s existing CAD offerings: $460 for a commercial license for new users and $150 for existing users.

Additionally, the company announced that they are likely to bundle Grasshopper into their Rhino 6 release for Windows as well – meaning that Rhino 6 for Mac may also have Grasshopper included.


In addition to the Rhino 5 for Mac updates – the program is expected to officially launch anytime now – the company has also announced a new app platform for existing plug-in-happy Windows users to get the most out of their Rhino experience.


Called “Food4Rhino“, the platform allows for both Mcneel as well as developers to share and sell their plug-ins, add-ons, textures, backgrounds and other meaty Rhino accessories with the ability to comment, rate and discuss the tools with both other users as well as the developers themselves. For active plug-in users, there is even a downloadable remote that allows for you to search for the Food4Rhino inventory directly within Rhino, too.