What if you could feel your profile. Like, touch that dataman! Well, yes you can. The Creator’s Project (a partnership betweeen Intel and Vice Magazine) have been working with Shapeways to offer you a way of combining your likes, your friends and your pictures to create models that can be printed off. Do you remember Geoids? Now you can make a friend-Geoid with the Crystallized App by Softlab. Yes, your tumultuous relationship with your Ex has been condensed into shiny black and gold crystals.

Sculpturize your Manicured Profile

There’s more. With the Monster Me app by Sticky Monster Lab, your a special monster is created for your very Birthday. We can only imagine what sort of Monster would exist for Christmas Day. Or Easter (Zombie Jesus?). The Astroverb app by Sosolimited is the most interesting one. As the Shapeways Blog puts it, this app “takes your status and analyses keywords within six personality dimensions then ranks your profile based on your interactions into a personalized zodiac sign. Think of it as Facebook meets astrologer made real with lasers. Nostradamus for 2013.”

YouTube video

At first, I thought this was a cool way to print your profile pic – rather it’s a way of physicalizing data. Like Google, Facebook is data-miner, allowing app-makers a way of presenting data in ways never thought possible before. But … why does this matter to you? Facebook, like most things in life, are dynamic places. And worst off, your profile at this moment has a fleeting existence as a pile of numbers. Recording it for posterity in this manner might become popular – we like our mementoes.

Source: Creators Project and Shapeways