Add this to the list of jaw-droppingly awesome things that a student did for a school project. For his final project at the Royal Academy of Art, Nigerian-American industrial designer Oluwaseyi Sosanya has created a 3D weaving machine that can theoretically redefine what it means to produce soft goods and clothing.

The patent-pending 3D Weaver uses XYZ coordinates to weave fabric into a variety of three-dimensional shapes. When ‘printed’ at a fine resolution with various geometric patterns, the resulting auxetic structure creates an absorbent pad that Sosanya is currently testing as a midsole material option for footwear.

Next up for Sosanya? The talented young designer wants to push the 3D weaving technology into medical implants and body armor, among other applications.









Graduating from design school with a patent-pending new fabrication technique that could potentially save lives? Not a bad way to walk across the stage with diploma in hand.

Check out the rest of Sosanya’s impressive portfolio—including the Gravity Sketch—over at


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