Botzen Design Studio will have a 2-day, hands-on Model Making Workshop Saturday, June 25 – Sunday, June 26th. It all happens at the Botzen Design Studio in Southfield, Michigan (northwest Detroit).

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The focus is on real world techniques of building, modelling, surfacing and finishing relevant to designers and makers of various disciplines. The course will focus on ‘quality’ of finish, geared to design and prototyping, but the techniques can easily be applied to sculpture, fine art, jewelry, crafting, or architectural model making or even Mech building. The session will offer a wealth of information, supported by digital examples, and clarified through demonstrations and practical exercises. Attendees will use the techniques from the two day class to cast and finish a custom cast urethane container, as well as sculpt and finish a top for the container.


  • ­Surfacing of 20lb Urethane modeling foam Cutting and sculpting
    • Surfacing or raw foam Sealing foam options
    • Priming of foam for final surfacing
    • Wet vs Dry Sanding and final surface Prep
    • Top coat paint and Clearcoat (Spray can)


  • ­Flat stock model making, Styrene, Cardboard and Foam core Material selection
    • Cutting and layout
    • Weld bonding vs Adhesive bonding
    • Priming and final surfacing
    • Wet vs Dry Sanding and final surface Prep
    • Top coat paint and Clearcoat (Spray can)


  • ­Casting methods introduction. Basic casting with urethane resin
    • Basic tools and set up
    • Mixing and color vs clear casting
    • Degassing do’s and don’ts
    • Pouring vs injecting
    • Trimming


Materials and tools are provided, but, participants are encouraged to bring some basic tools in a hand carry transportable toolbox for use and review. Each participant will also bring with them their own unique personality, varied knowledge and talent, making this a valuable opportunity to discuss and compare personal experiences and network. Whether a beginner, or with more of a hobby interest, or a professional seeking more specific guidance, this unique course will help you.

$225 per person. $100 non refundable deposit is included in the price. Places are limited to a MAX of 10, for the most effective teaching and participation.

Register via email. Spaces are limited, so hurry and secure your spot before it’s too late.