From the James Bond casinos of the Far East to the iconic megastructures of Las Vegas, people love casinos. Hundreds of major towns and cities across the world are home to these entertainment and gaming palaces.

In 2022, however, the casino has evolved into much more than its traditional land-based form. Though in-person casinos are still thriving, the industry also has an exciting new home online.

Online gaming is not just a growing industry, it’s a global phenomenon. Valued at $61.5 billion in 2021, it’s expected to almost double in worth to $114.4 by 2028.

Today, online casino gaming is at the forefront of the industry’s popularity and is available in every corner of the world. Through reputable providers such as Virgin Games, players across the world can enjoy online casino gaming whenever, and wherever they choose.

It’s estimated that around 1.6 billion people play some form of online game on a regular basis. It’s also believed that a further 4.2 billion try their luck at an online casino at least once every year.

Favorite casino games, both online and in-person, include slots, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and several forms of poker. Also popular are games such as baccarat, craps, and keno, but the choice is endless and growing.

At their heart, all casino games are based on chance, with the odds always slightly in favor of the house. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enhance your experience or your chances of winning.

Here are some of our top tips for taking your casino gaming to the next level:

1. Go online

While we’d never deter anyone from the thrill and atmosphere of a land-based casino, online offers superior choice and flexibility. Playing online gives you a far wider selection of games alongside a wealth of incentives, additional payouts, and enhanced bonuses.

Options to play low or high stakes mean the online casino can suit any level of experience or depth of the pocket. In addition to this, increased competition for customers means providers must constantly try to provide better deals to attract players.

2. Play tournaments

The most common way to enjoy a casino is by sitting at a table or simply playing against the dealer. An alternative, particularly for games such as poker, is to enter a tournament.

While we wouldn’t recommend this to inexperienced players, the rewards for skilled entrants can be huge. Not only is the experience enhanced by the thrill of competition, but the potential winnings can rise rapidly.

3. Get comped

A long-standing tradition of land-based casinos, particularly in Las Vegas, is to “comp” players as an incentive to keep gaming. This can be anything from free drinks to free suites, depending on the size of stakes and length of play.

Be aware of these comps, or the potential for them, and let them guide where you choose to play casino. Online gamers should also stay vigilant for bonuses and free play offers that regular or returning players often receive.

4. Play the odds

Sure, on a long enough time scale, the odds of any casino game will always favor the house. That doesn’t mean a smart play can’t make the most of their chances by applying simple math and basic probability.

There is always a mathematically best choice to make in blackjack or poker if you understand how to calculate it. Knowing some roulette squares payout 49% of the time and others less than 11% should also influence your choices.

Even slots and bingo have basic calculations to determine how likely you are to win in any particular game. Choosing to play only when you can get the best rate of return is the smart approach to any casino.

5. Stay fresh

One tip many casino players fail to follow is taking breaks, or even stopping when tiredness kicks in. Playing requires concentration, quick mental calculations, and strong awareness – abilities that are quickly diminished by tiredness and consumption of alcohol.

Look after your mind and your mind will look after you. Take a break when you need it, grab a coffee or some water, or even call it a night.

6. Set a limit

A casino can be enjoyed for many reasons, these include atmosphere, competition, testing skills, and the thrill of winning and losing. The key is to keep it enjoyable, and a long losing streak can take that away quickly.

By setting your budget in advance, you can ensure that, whatever happens, the enjoyment never goes away. Decide what the entertainment is worth to you and stick to that amount – you can always come back again tomorrow.

7. Play for free

Though this is difficult offline, unless playing with friends, there are plenty of ways to play casino free online. Take advantage of these opportunities to practice, learn the games, and refine your strategies.

8. Use the bonuses

As mentioned at the start, online casinos are constantly offering bonuses and incentives to attract players to their games. Deposit matches, free spins, reload offers, bonus offers – you can benefit from every single one of them.

There is nothing to be gained from skipping an offer, you’re just reducing the value of money you are getting.

By putting these tips into action when you play casino, you can take your gaming to the next level. The most important thing is to remember to enjoy yourself and always try to make the most of your experience.

Go at your own pace and play the game you want to play, you’re always in charge of your choices. So, are you ready to take your casino gaming to the next level?