The new blockchain technology is invading the online gambling space providing new opportunities for both gamblers and online gambling businesses. The recent crypto craze resulted in a sudden interest in online crypto gambling, and fortunately, casinos were quick to respond by adapting their services to this revolutionary new technology.

However, if you are new to online gambling and don’t know much about cryptocurrencies, the entire process might be confusing to you. But fear not, as crypto gambling is designed to be a simplified model of the traditional gambling we are used to, and you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world is Bitcoin, and it is also the most common cryptocurrency found in online casinos. Bitcoin gambling comes with many benefits, which is why many people choose crypto gambling over the traditional casino model. Apart from being more secure and having faster transactions, this new gambling trend comes with a higher Bitcoin bonus compared to the bonuses found in fiat casinos.

Therefore, we decided to highlight the process of Bitcoin gambling and explain how to use this cryptocurrency in an online casino.

Bitcoin in Online Gambling

As we mentioned before, being the most popular and one of the pioneers of blockchain technology, Bitcoin is commonly found in online casinos where people can play their favorite games using Bitcoin currency.

But, unlike traditional gambling, where you only need to sign up at an online gambling website and connect your bank account to deposit funds, Bitcoin gambling is a bit different.

Don’t get discouraged quickly; even though the process is different, it is not as complicated as many people think.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Bitcoin in Online Casino

To start gambling with Bitcoin, there are a few things you should do to buy Bitcoin and deposit it into your gambling account properly. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  1. Open a Bitcoin Wallet.

The first step of owning Bitcoin is opening a digital wallet. There are different digital wallets that you can use to store cryptocurrencies.

Most people choose to store their Bitcoin on a cryptoexchange, which is the simplest method since your Bitcoin is instantly accessible, and you can buy, transfer, or sell it at any time. But if you don’t like the idea of storing your Bitcoin on a crypto-exchange, you can choose a hot wallet (online wallet) from a third-party company.

The last method for storing your Bitcoin is on a cold-walled (digital ledger), a USB that keeps your cryptocurrencies off the internet for a more secure way to store them.

  1. Buy Bitcoin and Deposit it in Your Wallet.

The next step is buying Bitcoin, which can only be done from a crypto-exchange website or an app. Remember that online casinos don’t give you the option to buy Bitcoin, which is why it is important to find a legit crypto exchange where you can buy and deposit it in your wallet.

Once you purchase Bitcoin with fiat money, you can store your Bitcoin on the exchange or transfer it into the other wallets we mentioned before. Every Bitcoin wallet has its unique ID address, which is important for transferring your Bitcoin to another place or receiving Bitcoin from a casino.

  1. Sign Up in Bitcoin Casino.

Once you secured your Bitcoin, it is time to create an account in some of the casinos that offer Bitcoin gambling. Make sure you do a lot of research before choosing which casino to deposit your cryptocurrency.

Also, try to take advantage of the Bitcoin bonuses offered by the casino for new players, where you can get free money by depositing Bitcoin.

  1. Fund Your Casino Wallet.

The next step is to transfer your Bitcoin from an exchange or a hot wallet into the casino. This process is fairly simple, and you don’t have to fill out complex bank details like IBAN or SWIFT. All you need to do is copy your Bitcoin address from the online casino, which can be found in profile management settings, and head over to the crypto-exchange or hot wallet where you store your Bitcoin.

Once you are there, you can head over to withdraw the Bitcoin option, and you’ll be required to input the address to which you want to transfer your Bitcoin. This is where you can paste your casino Bitcoin address and click confirm to make the transaction. Most crypto exchanges and hot wallets will give you an estimated processing time and the fee that will be required to make the transfer.

In most cases, you’ll be able to see your Bitcoin in your casino wallet in around 10 minutes.

The same process is for withdrawing your winnings, but the other way around. You’ll copy your hot wallet address and head over to the online casino to paste it and confirm the transfer.

  1. Choose the game you want to play.

Once you see the amount of Bitcoin deposited into your online crypto casino wallet, you are ready to go. The next step is to find a game you like and place some bets.

Another important thing to consider is the currency of the casino used in the games. Even though crypto casinos might accept Bitcoin deposits, the games can be played using regular currencies since the casino converts your Bitcoin into dollars or other fiat currencies.

So, before depositing in your account, find out whether or not the casino allows you to place bets in Bitcoin or if it converts your cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

Final Words

The process of starting your Bitcoin gambling session is quite straightforward, and once you make your first deposit, all the steps will be easily understandable. With that said, don’t forget to set up a gambling strategy. Even though we are talking about Bitcoin gambling, the same rules apply to this method as traditional online gambling.

So, you’ll need to set a gambling budget, create a betting strategy, and create bankroll management in order to walk away profitable.