You know it’s coming – autumn, as it does every year. Still, for many, its looming arrival is met with mixed feelings, perhaps a bit of wistfulness. But if you have a Jeep, that’s a whole other story, right? Fall is a great season for being outdoors and on the road in a vehicle that’s made for adventure. With that in mind, here are the best fall drives to do in your Jeep – and more.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Get in your Jeep, take a drive, and embrace all the seasonal colors that pop so spectacularly during that time of year. Depending on where you are, leaves can turn yellow, red, orange, or even pinkish. It’s truly a sight to behold, particularly if you remove your Jeep’ top. While you may need to pull on a sweater or light jacket, driving with an open roof will allow you to take in the changing foliage from all angles.

Check Out Area Doings

Fall is the time to hit up apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, harvest festivals, and the like. So, grab some friends or family members and head out to some local attractions. Afterward, you all can take a load off with the top down while enjoying cider and donuts, say, or munching on fresh-picked apples. And because many of these events and activities are held in remote areas with unpaved, rough roads, your Jeep is perfect for that, too.

Tailgating Time

Jeeps are naturals for football season, and that means tailgating. Get your grub and favorite beverages together – don’t forget to sport team colors! – and find a nice spot for your Jeep around other tailgaters. You and your pals will have a blast hanging out and cheering on the home team. With your open top, you’ll also enjoy the crisp fall air. And remember, Jeep offers tailgating accessories that can facilitate your grilling and chilling.

Go Camping

Not too hot, not too cold; fall is ideal for camping. Pack the Jeep with camping gear and head out to a campsite to enjoy a nice campfire and do some stargazing. In a ride like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can even set up in more remote areas that you likely wouldn’t be able to get to in a recreational vehicle.

Enjoy the Night Sky

Speaking of stargazing, you can take in the night sky without going camping. Scout out a place where there’s little to no illumination, remove your roof, and tilt back in your seat. The fall sky bridges the gap from fascinating summer to winter constellations, so you can get your final gander at summer stars and, if you hang out late, your first glimpse of winter stars. What’s particularly great is that dusk comes earlier and evening temps are still comfy.

Go Offroad

Many people associate off-roading with summer, and rightly so. But autumn is also an awesome time for off-roading. Rather than taking in the changing scene from the highway, you and it can become one. You can enjoy the environs up close. And remember, this time of year offers plenty of trail runs, so check events calendars and sign on with one, where you’ll also meet fellow Jeep enthusiasts.

Prep Your Jeep

We saved this for last so that we could get into all the fun, but fall is the perfect time to get your Jeep readied up for winter. This is something you simply must do so that you can enjoy your ride for many years to come. The month of October is best for such preparation.

Be sure to get your battery checked out to make certain it’s still putting out ample juice. While you’re at it, find out whether your belts and hoses are in shape to handle cold weather. You must also change your coolant, inspect your windshield for cracks, and check your tires to make sure they can safely handle snow.

Also note that you’ll need a winter safety kit for your Jeep, complete with a small broom, first-aid kit, windshield scraper, and tow chain. You’ll also need emergency flairs, jumper cables, blankets, water, shelf-stable food, and salt or cat litter for traction.

Further, if your Jeep has a hard top, you’ll need to put it back on your Jeep. You certainly can keep your soft top on all winter, with the knowledge that removing ice and snow will be a bit more challenging.

So, yes, fall drives in your Jeep are the best. Make yourself a list of things you want to see and do so that you can make the best of this magical season.