Ark: Survival Evolved has been around for some time now, and it has slowly and steadily gained a massive following among the online gaming community. Ark: Survival Evolved tries to be a change from the norm in the survival games category, where usually one has to rip their hair out in trying to survive. Ark: Survival Evolved strives to make the gaming experience more fun. And honestly, it has succeeded in offering its players just that. Sure, it is a game that has many elements to it and would test the players to their very core, but unlike some of the other hardcore games, it is definitely more fun to play.

But like all other games, you need to be prepared to be able to succeed in the gameplay truly. You would not go much further, even with Ark Hacks, if you do not know what you are doing. Here are some things you are advised to know before you start your gaming experience in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Make friends in the game.

If you played DayZ or Rust, you must already be balking at this idea of allying with anyone in the game. Your hesitance is understandable. But we are not talking about allying with other players, although you can also do that. No, we are talking about taming those dinosaurs and making them your companion. Yes, this game has dinosaurs who are not only your adversaries but can also be a tremendous asset. There are different types of dinosaurs in the game; some are herbivores and easy to tame, and then there are T-Rexes that can quickly rip you to shreds. Just be careful while you try to tame them.

Stay a fair distance away from the beach.

You might be interested to stay on the beach, which is pretty understandable. With a lot more friendly dinosaurs (most of them are herbivores) and closeness to water and food supply, the beach would sound like an excellent place for one to park their character. The reality is actually somewhat different from that. In fact, for a beginner, the beach could quickly turn out to be a nightmare if they are not careful.

First, there is no hiding the fact that if you are attacked on the beach, there is no place you can use to take cover. And second, as mentioned earlier, the other players are not the only enemy you are fighting in this game. No, the biggest challenge for the players is the environment itself, and the exposure to heat at all times is not good. It would be wiser to head towards the woods in the vicinity and make a camp there.

Build a shelter

To survive in this game, you must start taking the gameplay as a real-life scenario. What would you do if you were on an abandoned island trying to survive? Build a shelter, of course. Having viable protection in place for your first night cannot be overstated enough. Most beginners die during their first night as they have not made the proper efforts to build a shelter.

A shelter would not only protect you from other players and creatures, as it would take a while for one to break them down, but it also protects the player from the harsh climate of the island. If you are not careful, then the chilly night will get you. So, prioritize building a shelter.

Remember where you die.

This is an odd tip, but it can considerably impact your gameplay, especially if you have been taken out by a native creature. Ark: Survival Evolved allows players to recover their items for the next few minutes from the same spot. So, yes, you can reclaim your lost items in the game and then go on as if nothing happened. But for that, you need to remember where you die so that you can immediately move to that location.

You also need to be careful while doing so, as if you die the second time before reclaiming your items, they would be lost for good.

Focus on leveling up

There are many elements to the game, so players often forget that their character also has a level that needs to be upped as quickly as possible. Doing so will improve the players’ stats like health, stamina, and even the taming ability (the last one is especially crucial). That is why you need to focus on leveling as quickly as possible. Farm out the experience by completing simpler tasks such as crafting pickaxe, etc.

So, these are the things that I wish I knew earlier and chances are there that I would have enhanced my gameplay in Ark: Survival Evolved.


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