Instagram is so much more than a social networking site. Instagram is a social media platform that we use for interacting, sharing, and even marketing. When we’re looking for inspiration or considering starting something new and innovative, though, we frequently turn to Instagram.

Instagram has evolved into a platform where you can follow artistic and creative accounts in addition to your favorite celebrities, models, and influencers. If you are a budding influencer, visiting MegaFamous will help you out.

These testimonials inspire people, and they become more passionate about their interests as a result of them.

In short, these Instagram accounts can readily be used to feed one’s ideas and skills. These accounts are about design, music production, photography, fashion, and culinary, among other topics, and they let people learn and come up with new ideas.


This account specializes in generating animated pictures that are essentially paper versions of iPhone screens. The designs are unique, colorful, and contemporary. It’s, without a doubt, one of our favorite innovative Instagram accounts.


According to their Instagram account, the Pink Essay team is a creative agency that examines the architecture of space through collaborations and special initiatives. Their posts highlight some of the most creative modern and minimalistic furniture ideas.


Noel is a letterer and artist who enjoys using brief handwritten comments and pictures to brighten your day. Because of his sensitive mind, he is one of the most innovative Instagram accounts on this list.


A fun Instagram account dedicated to promoting a community of skilled and innovative music producers and performers. The account’s posts feature content from musicians all over the world who are creating incredible songs, covers, and DJ techniques.


Among the countless Instagram accounts that bombard us with travel ambitions, Nick Millers demonstrates how you may be inspired by a single destination and rediscover it over and over again. For him, New York is the place to be. This is the place to be if you’re a photography aficionado. Miller’s neo-noir approach and the film’s distinctive subjects and locations create a sense of mystery in New York. In his highlights, you’ll also find images from various areas.


What do you get when you combine food with art? Ida Skivenes from Norway has an interestingly unique Instagram account. Ida can make beautiful art and delicious food, whether she’s crafting lovely shaped bunnies out of pancakes or a Christmas tree out of cheese.


Have you ever considered what life is like for a Muslim American woman? With her unique webcomic artwork, view the world through the eyes of Huda F, who has a hilarious take on the American attitude toward Muslims.


Joyful News Paper, as the name implies, publishes only happy news. This handle feels like a breath of fresh air in a world where discovering negative news is easy. Aside from the original and heartfelt news stories, the style of these posts is sure to inspire any marketer.

If you’re looking for fresh design ideas, this handle’s feed is a must-see. This is edgy, current, and uses a distinctive font. It will tick all the boxes when it comes to innovation and concepts.


On Instagram, Justina is one of the most innovative interior designers. This is one of the finest creative Instagram accounts to follow if you enjoy looking at beautiful interior design work or need inspiration for your bedroom. These types of Instagram accounts happen to have a lot of followers.


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Elsie and Emma are celebrating life’s lovely mess. The handle is brimming with creativity and ideas for painting, craft, DIY, cooking, and more.


Topless Baker is a well-known moniker for him. Adlard, a self-taught cook, will encourage you to experiment with your baking utensils. Desserts to die for, stunning footage (even thumbnails), but how he uses his behind-the-scenes narrative steals the cake.

He welcomes both accomplishments and failures in the kitchen. If you represent a business that wants to claim relatability, you may use these behind-the-scenes methods to give your brand a compassionate touch—a brand that isn’t afraid to share the truth.


The Indian dance ensemble MJ5 has an Instagram account that is simply one of the most inventive dance accounts on the internet. This account makes everyday living a little more enjoyable with mind-numbing performances that merge Michael Jackson’s movements with Bollywood melodies.


Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to Paris? This city’s dreamy and ethereal allure is all-consuming. Carin Olsson is no different. Emily in Paris, a popular Netflix comedy, may have drawn inspiration from her. Carin Olsson mixes the stories of Paris, as well as other cities such as Rome and Sweden, in a unique way. Looking at this Instagram handle will get your creative juices flowing with fashion, architecture, art, creativity, and, most importantly, the lives of Parisians.


When the going gets tough, and we need a boost, My Self Love Supply is there to help. This handle is a treasure trove of happiness and creativity, with positive affirmations, self-help suggestions, and self-care reminders. If you’re in charge of a personal care brand, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty to be inspired by.


Here, modern art and architecture coexist. Design Milk has bright colors, minimalistic creative designs, and home décor ideas. You’re in for a treat if you’re a marketer in the home and lifestyle industry.


This account, started by Brandon Stanton, has taken the internet by storm. He pays tribute to the lives and stories of regular New Yorkers. This handle is approachable and relatable and introduces us to a new universe. You can see how we are all connected beyond the borders of countries one tale at a time.


The first brand on this list, GoPro, is a well-known firm. Their Instagram account is one of the most inventive when it comes to checking out mind-blowing and beautiful photographs and videos of stunning landscapes, turquoise oceans, and adventure sports taken by their members.


This is the place to go if you’re into DIY. 5-minute crafts changed the way we think about art and crafts. This handle should be followed if you’re looking for upscaling and recycling. This unusual portal, which The Soul Publishing owns, can undoubtedly inspire you to make some DIY projects.


The posts on NASA’s Instagram account are out of this world (Pun Intended). This is the account to follow if you want to view photographs of everything interstellar. Planets, constellations, stars, satellites, and everything Nasa is doing to investigate the universe are all photographed. It’s simply too lovely to put into words.


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Instagram allows you to observe what inspires people and how they extract creativity from their daily lives. We use Instagram to document the things that make us happy, what brings us joy, and what we are passionate about. The Instagram accounts described above are among the best creative accounts on the platform, and they are among our personal favorites.