The WESN titanium knife (West East North South) from designer Billy Chester looks like a handy little tool for camping trips and knife-related activities. While the handle of the knife is made from grade 5 titanium, the blade itself is composed of AUS8 heat-treated steel.

What distinguishes this knife from other bladed weapons is how small it is. When closed, the entire knife measures just 2.25 inches (or 57mm) long. When flipped open, it measures 3.75 inches (or 95mm) long. For reference, the smallest Victorinox Swiss Army Knife measures 2.3 inches (or 57mm); so the WESN has it beat out by being shorter by an extra millimeter.

The small size, keychain ring, and pocket clip all help when carrying the 1oz knife on outdoor excursions, games of five-finger fillet, and journeys through dark alleys. There must be a lot of people who partake in these activities, since the project has already exceeded its $12,000 goal on Kickstarter by almost four times (its current funding stands at $57,469).

The WESN knife is expected to have a retail value of $50. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about this miniature cutting machine.


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