It happens to the best of us—that inevitable coffee drip or splash from ‘dinky’ coffee lids. Few things can spoil a morning faster than a sticky mess on your hand, a drip stain on your newly-pressed white shirt, or even a few drops on your co-worker’s meeting brief. It’s surprising that with as many coffee and tea drinkers worldwide, nobody has taken the time to address this insane need and actually delivered a final product.

The Viora Lid just might be the first to address all these minor annoyances with their unique lid design that not only promises to keep the contents in the cup…but also catch any splashes that do happen to slip out.


Inspired by the experience of drinking from a ceramic cup, the designers focused on a design that felt comfortable and natural while on the go.

As anybody with a sensitive tongue can attest, sipping a scalding hot cup of lava first thing in the morning and frying your tastebuds is surely not a great way to start the day. In staying true to the experience of drinking from a ceramic mug, the designers created a reservoir for the liquid to cool…essentially allowing a drinker to ‘taste-test’ the liquid before burning away their tastebuds:


Another problem space with the traditional coffee lid is the inevitable splash that occurs when sudden movements or bumps come into play. For this, the recessed design also allows for a catch-effect that not only retains a splash but also allows the liquid to flow back into the cup itself—saving the user from the usual mess of a napkin cleanup:

For the environmentalists out there worried about coffee shop waste, the Viora team heavily researched the potential of ‘Green’ PLA and PHA lids but determined that their material properties drastically changed the coffee drinking experience–particularly in how the materials interfere with the aroma of the coffee and their belief that ‘green lids’ are not made for hot drinks. The final lid design is made from HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene) and is a commonly used recyclable material in the food packaging industry.


From Viora Lid:

“Our conviction that there was a better way unleashed a scientific curiosity and a maniacal focus and led to years of researching fluid dynamics, evaluating mainstream and alternative plastics, reading research papers on smell and taste, assessing advanced manufacturing technologies, prototyping, and conducting round after round of testing. The result of all this work is the Viora Lid – and a growing collection of patents and patents pending.”


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