Yep, we’ve looked at our stats. There are, in fact, a few Solidsmack readers in the frozen wastelands of Canada. If you were in my neighbourhood, and you like making things, you might have dropped into Vancouver’s mini-Maker Faire. Mini it was not! Hundreds of makers and vendors descended upon the Pacific National Exhibition grounds to bust out their hobby and crafting skills. Families with small ones were milling around. Quadcopters flying overhead. It was amazing. I gathered a few pictures that highlight the event – enjoy!

Vancouver’s mini-Makerfaire

3D Printers of all types – Repraps, Makerbots, BFBs and a Tantillus (remember them?) were printing away.

Introducing small children to the glory of Mathematics. Dangerous, very dangerous.

Pedal-powdered spiders (courtesy of design collective, EatART)

Bikes were prominent. Bike-powered LED lighting systems. Local business (and friends) Grass Frames were showing off their bamboo-framed bikes.

You can use Blender to make all sorts of artistic work. Blender, as in the appliance, not the software.

The Largest 3D Print in North America. The Rygo, by Bathsheba Grossman, 3D printed in stone by the DShape. Beautiful, but quite heavy.

How to get a Tesla Roadster – convert a 1999 Porsche Boxster to Electric!

Flamethrowers, Hotrods and Pianos. (The flamethrowers were triggered by a Fisher-Price Keyboard – Did I mention this was a family-friendly event?)

There are Maker Faire’s and mini-Maker Faire’s around the WORLD throughout the year. If you have the opportunity to attend one or are interested, you can find out more at!