USSubs, like SolidSmack, is 100% 2D free. They may actually be a little more 2D free. What exactly do they engineer? I’m glad to pretend you asked. They engineer Personal Luxury Submarines. I imagine their sales pitch needing more than just those three words.

Personal luxury subs, you say? I’ll take five, I say. They cost how much, you say? I’ll go home and cry myself to sleep, I say. To fully embark to the depths in style with their 65 meter (213′) Phoenix 1000 you’ll be stackin’ $90 million in your back seat on your way to one of their facilities in Paris, Dubai, Seattle or Portland. Yep, you’ve got options.

According to their President, L. Bruce Jones,

All of us use Ashlar’s suite of programs, mainly Graphite and Cobalt. Over the years we’ve found these particularly intuitive and powerful with a short learning curve and great versatility. As soon as we started using Ashlar products, years ago, we banned AutoCAD from the premises. We are also an all Mac company. The only PCs are used by the Naval Architects.

Not only do they design, engineer and manufacture their own line of luxury submarines, they can design, engineer and manufacture your very own custom submersible, granted you have the cash or first born to put up for it. And, you’ll be even more inclined to use them when you find out they can also create a matching luxury underwater habitat you can escape to in your luxury sub.


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