What’s happening in this video? It’s something to do with a fast motorcycle, an alien spaceship, and a shockwave that sends the fleshy jowls of a middle-age man into a flapping mess against his head bone. Oh, and this guy is spilling his coffee, looking quite like he just was bucked between the legs by a small horse.

I’m not sure what the guy with the suave voice is up to, but the raspy rapport with which he say M4600 and M6600 makes me want to check them out.

Here’s some more info on the video from DELL:
“The custom motorcycle featured in the video above (and pictured at the bottom of my post), the Travertson V-Rex, was designed on a Dell Precision T3500, at the racetrack the M6600 flawlessly captured 1900 frames per second directly from a high-speed Phantom camera, which produced the beautiful slow motion footage, and back at the Arts+Labor studio we used the M6600 to edit, color-correct and view extremely high resolution 4K footage in real time. The modeling and animation of the alien spaceship was constructed using our Dell Precision T7500 equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro 6000.”


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